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All complete unless otherwise noted!


is this subpage just going to be a compliation of fic recs? it's more likely than you think!

sho wanted bkdk poly fics so i'm delivering! as usual, unless otherwise noted, they're all complete! AB(C) or (C)AB denotes that AB were a ship already and C was added through some means.


i can go on FOR AGES about my favorite fics lol

in FFVII/expanded universe, there's The Fifth Act which is probably one of my favorite time travel fics. Completed and the side stories are now all up on ao3 so you no longer have to go to sinnatious' livejournal for them.

although incomplete, Fallout is definitely one of my favorite DCMK fics. It's legit the fic i always read when i'm sick and, while it is still unfinished (and has been for 8 years) the ending is a good spot.

like ghost stories? Yesterday Upon The Stair has got you covered. a BNHA fic wherein Deku sees dead people.

i... can go on and on about so many different fics OTL

'cause i guess if i have this space i might as well use it for making a master post of fic recs


it was getting long lmao. as usual, please mind the tags for the works!

fics will be listed based on rating. unless otherwise noted, the fics are complete!


Featuring rule 63!BkDk, no quirks, and literally me complaining about a certain company being an ass.


CW: ms!bkdk, bkdk and possibly dkbk, older!fantasy!ver×younger!ms!versions, possibly selfcest, possible harem?


so!! here's a list of some of my fave ffvii fics that are sefikura (or adjacent). I'll put some notes and important tags.


Content Notes: Age Gaps, Adult/Older Teen x MS, no quirks, heavily implied incest themes, violence, GORE, character death, implied and referenced sexual abuse – AiBaku, HawksDeku, DabiShou, past EndHawks -

There was a world nobody knew. A secret that belonged only to Izuku. Something he couldn't tell Kacchan, his best friends for years and years, even though the blond had recently started pushing him away.

The secret was this: Monsters were real.

And Izuku wanted nothing more to find one and have it destroy him beyond all recognition.