IFD2023 Rec List

for international fanworks day 2023, i decided i was going to make a #ficrecs of some of my fave fusions and crossovers over twenty years of fangirling. unlike most of my other rec lists, these will be sorted by themes and not by rating. also, i'll note if a fic is complete or incomplete or ongoing (i.e. updated within the last year). ten recs have a ✵ which are ones i really, really, really fucking enjoy and hope you will too!

Crime Solving

two or more detectives team up for some reason to solve crimes. or commit them. mostly dcmk crossovers

Fandom Fusions / AUs

where characters from one fandom are inserted into the other fandom without their canon baggage / aus based on other IPs

Going to Hogwarts or Joining the Avengers

post (or sometimes during) canon, characters leave their normal adventures and deal with bs at hogwarts (or avengers)

Make a Wish / Meet a God

various characters making wishes with a certain someone or meeting a certain god/anthro form of something more

Meet Cute

when characters from two different fandoms get together

Someone Else Raises Harry Potter / X is Harry Potter

exactly what it says on the tin lmao

Star Wars in X fandom

essentially any fic where jedi and clones somehow find themselves on an uncharted world

Superheroes Meet!

when various superheroes from different franchises meet up for some reason.


anything that wouldn't properly fit in any other category

Special Mentions

fics that aren't uh, “proper” fusions/crossovers because they're based in the same general IP.

also a special mention for the now disappeared high school of the dead x harry potter fic and the NCIS x hetalia fic and that house x mgs fic that used to be some of my faves.