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This is why sex pollen should be clearly labeled and kept out of the secret laboratory goddammit! Content Notes: not quite dubcon but definitely not not dubcon; Characters: Secret Weapon x Judas Words: 341

Judas could already feel his body heat up, flushing with a need he wasn't planning on dealing with while in the middle of raiding some two-bit villain's secret base. “Why the hell aren't you feeling anything?” the former henchman hissed as he looked at this partner current co-worker with a betrayed look.

Secret Weapon had the audacity to look sheepish. “It appears that this chemical only affects organic lifeforms.” Another one of the android's bodies was already filtering out the spores that left the laboratory in a pink hued haze, collecting it so that unsuspecting civilians or other heroes wouldn't get whammied like Judas had.

Not that filtering would help him now, after getting a face full of it while knocking out the last of the goons defending the lab. Horny on the job happens, but Judas wasn't used to the lack of buildup, going from perfectly fine to practically dripping with arousal. It was wholly uncomfortable all around.

Maybe he had made too much noise, maybe his panting was getting too loud but suddenly Secret Weapon was in his space, looking down at Judas with a speculative look. That shouldn't have been so appealing. The next words out of Judas' mouth weren't printable as he tried – and failed – to get his body to feel anything but the gnawing need to be filled. “The fuck kind of supervillain keeps sex pollen in an open container in their fucking lab?”

“The inept kind probably.” Secret Weapon tilted his head, presumably accessing what the other hims were up to. “All villains have been apprehended and there has been no other issues other than the aphrodisiac coursing through you at this time.”

Great, so the only one who had any problems was them. Judas hardly paid attention to Secret Weapon until the other placed one robotic hand against his cheek. “What?” he wanted to snarl but there was no heat in it, all of it pooling towards his crotch.

“It appears that you are being affected more than expected – would you like some assistance?”

life came at me like a sledgehammer and i just never got around to writing the smut or the lead up to this event OTL regardless, i hope you enjoy this starter!