Initiative 'verse

Featuring rule 63!BkDk, no quirks, and literally me complaining about a certain company being an ass.

(Theres like... three anime and manga plus one fanfic that helped inspire this. Can you figure it out?)

(Also this does NOT reflect the ttrpg hobby in japan like... at all. Its def reflecting my own exp in america. I can talk to you for hours on gaming between us and jpn)

Izuku has always tried to hide herself in frumpy clothes, oversized sweaters, the whole shebang. Sure she LOVED cute dresses and all things fashion but, in her mind, she was too plain to shine enough to warrant the clothes.

That was one reason for her drab and unisex clothing choices. The second reason was that she was an otaku. Not for anime (althoguh theres a few she likes), or idols (although there's one group she absolutely loves and follows religiously) but for tabletop games.

Ever since she found her fathers Warhammer miniatures set up at 4 years old, she's been.... not obsessed okay! She just really loves gaming!

She owns and plays every system she can get her hands on, from the fucked up WOTC, to the dark WoD, to light hearted Maid to even Nechronica.

Izuku even goes as far as learning English just so she can read fan made hacks and indie games in her spare time.

But because of this hobby, she's found it so much easier to not appear too feminine while browsing her local store, because she's dealt with too many creeps over her 18 years. Most people don't try and creep on you when you look like a teenage boy.

So here Izuku was, hat covering her fluffy hair as she browsed through the new arrivals in the pathfinder books. There was a bit of a commotion at the front of the store making her blink on confusion.

β€œHey pretty, why dont we blow this place, there's a hotel not too far away.”

Ugh. This asshole again. He hit on everyone despite being told to fuck off. Izuku leaned back and saw him and his friend was crowding around a third figure, making bs comments. Izuku frowned, not able to leave it alone. She put the book back onto the stack, left her basket on the ground and grabbed her bookbag. It took less than a moment to come behind the two hecklers and it was far too easy to hit the instigator across the head with her bag, quickly grabbing the other person's hand and pulling them out of the store at a brisk run. Izuku pulled the other along for a few minutes, getting a couple streets away before dashing into an alley to grab her breath.

β€œHoly shit,” she muttered under her breath, surprised at her own daring. Izuku looked at the person she saved, surprised by the shock of blond hair and pretty complexion hidden by oversized sunglasses. She was so pretty, dressed fashionably and somewhat familiar.

Then the blonde growled.

β€œi wasn't looking to get saved, got it you nerd!” the blond whirled around, hands shoving Izuku into the wall behind her, hat going flying. β€œand dont think i'll give you shit for playing hero!”

then the blond paused. not that izuku really notice, already starting to babble. β€œof course i wasn't thinking that; i just moved on my own!

”....holy shit you're a chick. and kind of cute too,” the blonde grabbed izuku's cheeks, turning her head this way then that as if peering into her soul. it also gave izuku a moment to actually look at who she saved.

β€œk-kacchan! omfg it's you!” kacchan – well, bakugou katsuki, member of the idol group (?) – let go of her face as if burned. β€œyou're a wota aren't you?” it was said tinged with something that izuku couldn't place.

β€œwerent you the nerd who came to our concert two weeks ago & ran into the wall right after the handshke event?” izuku flushed hotly but looked away as she internally screamed 'KACCHAN REMEMBERED ME!' β€œuh... yeah, it was kind of my first time?”

β€œSo a newbie huh? Well I guess I can thank you as a fan and all that. Got anything for me to sign?”

Izuku did not have anything idol related for Kacchan to sign other than her phone charm, but that was too small. What could she – oh! Her seminar notebook. Izuku pulled it out of the confines of her bag and shyly handed it to the idol.

β€œOoh Yuuei University huh?” Katsuki took it though, pulling a marker out of nowhere and signed the cover before handing it back

That would be the end of that, Izuku had thought to herself, warm at this kind gesture.

Sure she didn't get the new books or dice she planned for but this was way better! It had her smiling the whole way home.

So imagine her surprise when she got out of her seminar the next day, tall, blonde explosive Katsuki was waiting for her at the front of her building.

β€œC'mon Deku, you're coming with me.”

Katsuki gets Izuku a new wardrobe and they play a two player TTRPG at a maid cafe and they have so much fun. Katsuki invites herself to Izuku's group game nights every week (one day they try a new system, the other they do their normal campaign) and idk.