CW: ms!bkdk, bkdk and possibly dkbk, older!fantasy!ver×younger!ms!versions, possibly selfcest, possible harem?

While in middle school, bkdk are heading home after classes when suddenly what looks like a black hole opens up revealing an older, rugged looking Katsuki who takes ms!Izuku claiming that the boy is his bride! Ms!Katsuki tries to follow because his mom would pitch a gd fit if she found out he let Deku get kidnapped, except the hole spits him out in the fantasy worlds near fantasy!Deku. Although surprised fantasy!Deku explains that Katsuki (and ms!Deku) have been summoned to his world to be the right hand of the Hero (or dark lord).

Katsuki wants none of this bs and just want to find his nerd to go home. Hero!Izuku is more than happy to help, although they have to find the dark lord first.

OTOH, Izuku is treated like a princess in Dark Lord Katsuki's castle who makes no plans to let his little bride leave. And when he finds out that this generation's hero is also Izuku with a softer version of himself as the right hand... well... why wouldnt he try to take them too?

That's p much all I got for this lmao. I just want evil(?) Kacchan with his harem of ms!Deku, hero!Izuku, and ms!Kacchan because why not?