mi af marka dia on di eva green (CC2022)


Holy Dive and Dio have a scene that ends... not great. but not bad either. Content Notes: implied CNC scene that gets glossed over, panic attacks, safe words Characters: Dio x Holy Diver Word Count: 567

Intellectually Holy Diver knows, knows that the man behind the mask taunting him is Dio, knows this is a scene and the person pursuing him isn't Kai but...

The feeling of being hunted is far too familiar, far too dark and haunting, too remniscent of events in the pass. Holy thought he was over it, thought it's been enough time to let the memories fade but now -

“S-sky,” he rasps behind clenched teeth, and he doesn't even remember when he fell into the ground, curled up in a ball. But he's shaking, huddling in on himself and for a split second Holy thinks that nothing's going to change, that this man is going to beat him and cut him once more before fucking him and-

But then the other stops talking, stops following near silently, and Holy Diver can hear someone – Dio, it's Dio, he's the only one here – scrambling close before crouching down in the gravel, in front but to the side so Holy can see him fully. “Hey, Hols,” his voice is careful, steady as he makes his way closer, mask already off and looking at Holy Diver.

Dio extends a paw, calmy waiting for permission to touch, to help.

It takes a bit of time for Holy to look up and take the other's paw, and the moemnt he does, he's tugged carefully towards Dio's body, who crushes him in a hug. Warm and golden pawpads swipe at his muzzle, brushing against tear tracks; Holy didn't even notice he's been crying quietly. After a lifetime of abuse, Dio isn't that much better at comfort than Holy Diver himself, but god, does he try, murmuring comforting things into his ear as he waits for Holy to come done.

Once the crying abates, Dio stands up, pulling Holy to his feet with him. The canine's careful as he comes closer, giving the hybrid a one armed hug as he steers him towards the cabin they're renting for the weekend. What was supposed to be a fun night of chasing each other in the woods was being derailed because of Holy's fucking mind. If he wasn't so drained, he'd be mad at himself, for ruining their plans, but all he can really feel at the moment is a twinge of relief at leaning against Dio and an overwhelming affection for the man who stays at his side.

Getting out of the bad headspace gets easier the closer they get to cabin, wholy different than the buildings when they were back in the cult. Combining rustic charm with millenial convenience, the door opens with nary a sound and lets the two of them into a cozy sitting room. Dio maneuvers both onto the couch.

He's siting close enough to feel his warmth, but far enough away that, if Holy didn't want to, they wouldn't be touching at all. The hybrid spreads his legs wider so their knees bump against each other, taking that little bit of reassurance that Holy wasn't locked away anymore.

Maybe they should talk about it, maybe there's things that needs to be said. But as Dio takes one of his paws into his own and starts rubbing soothing circles into his neck above the collar with the other, Holy Diver doesn't mind. Just being here, free with Dio, is enough to chase away the bad memories for a bit, and that's all he needs.

ahahaha, i've been prouncing holy diver's name haa·lee for like 5 days until i realized it was ho·lee.

i guess it's just really chaaracter introspection because for some reason writing the actual scene wasn't happening so hand waves i hope you enjoyed Dio*!!**