MonsTABOO AU part the first

Content Notes: Age Gaps, Adult/Older Teen x MS, no quirks, heavily implied incest themes, violence, GORE, character death, implied and referenced sexual abuse – AiBaku, HawksDeku, DabiShou, past EndHawks -

There was a world nobody knew. A secret that belonged only to Izuku. Something he couldn't tell Kacchan, his best friends for years and years, even though the blond had recently started pushing him away.

The secret was this: Monsters were real.

And Izuku wanted nothing more to find one and have it destroy him beyond all recognition.

His obsession – if you could call it that – started over a year ago, the same night he became an orphan.

Not that anyone knew about that. Inko had been a rather shy housewife at the best of times, nervous and skittery and while apologetic, was more than happy to have Izuku take care of


A deformed face, a piercing gaze in spite of the fact that his father didn't seem to have eyes anymore kept him in place, even as his father pulled at the organs gathered around them.

“Go back to bed,” Father commanded, teeth glinting in the static of the television. “Good little boys should still be in bed and you are a good little boy, aren't you, Izu-kun?” There was blood in his father's mouth, likely from tearing into mother's body, staining his lips inky black in the poor lighting.

When Izuku got up for school some hours later, there was no monster, no dead body, no parents – just a note that his father was going overseas from work and his mother was accompanying him, that he now had access to the bank account and utilities would be taken care of so long as he kept with upkeep. His parents were, as always, merely a text away.

This, Izuku knew, was a lie, just as he knew the part in the living room that was just too spotless was where his mother's body had been lying when he woke up to get a glass of water.

did you see? whoa re you it should be obvious just looking, we're monsters you can't get close to monsters weapon appears hm? you're not afraid? you're not... going to kill me? middle school student, in the midts of puberty... if you can keepthis a secret i'll spare your life that's fine you dont have to let me go didn't your parents teach you to be wary of strangers i dont have parents my mother was killed, by a pervert who had become a monster thinks about that day please destroy me. destroy me, beyond recognition! i have always been searching for something that could destroy me. please let me feel... something that isn't a dream or a hallucination but reality makes a move to attack a young perosn like you should treasure yourself walks away returns home it's not a hallucination... monsters really exist

our unkown secret / the city you live in, marukai, is a dwelling of monsters. it's not a myth it;s reality; they were adults rejected from society and thus transformed you'll understand when you grow up... / i can't wait until i grow up...

gets attacked by another mosnter

adults who are becoming monsters might “metamorphisis” when touching an adolescent isn't this... what they call becoming an adult... nearly gets raped, saved by bunny

you've bumped into an adult havent you? so katsuki explains: what does an adult mean? it refers to the adults that ahs changed into a monster to female middle school students like us metamorphosed adults are our enemy the adults are trying to contaminate young boys and girls who have a fture ' they on't have any survival value theyre the pest of soceity adults = inversion mutations; when adults come into contact with an innocent teen, their mutation becomes more noticeable