on kacchan's bullying

orig post #threadsave #hc this is from jan 2019

Yeah Bakugou did some bullshit but knowing anything about Japan's bullying problem, BKG probs give him the most interaction all day. It could have been worse, his classmates could have just excluded him from everything which would have been even more harmful than the occasional sparks against him (Even the whole swan dive off a roof comment is really mild – students have totally pretended that one of their classmates were dead, would never look at them, leave memorial flowers etc, so there is probably a good chance Deku heard that from other students. He brushes it off and his first thought was “Kacchan you idiot if I ever did that you would be the one in trouble” instead of crying that his childhood friend told him that. The boy is probs fucking immune).

Kacchan was the one person who saw Deku and while he didn't like him, he didn't put down his accomplishments. Why would he be so active against Deku applying to UA unless he /actually thought he might get in/. He knows Deku is smart and driven and the only reason why Bakugou ever thought he was better than him was because Midoriya did not have a quirk.