random prompts by other people

no sources save for the old tumblr “writing-prompt-s”

One day, you get a knock on your door. When you open it, you see the protagonist from your favorite book standing, wide-eyed. “I know you won't belive me,” they say, “but you're the main character of my favorite book. I know how it ends and I'm here to change it.”

You die. As per your nerdy request, your tombstone is inscribed with “GAME OVER. CONTINUE?” with a little slot for coins.

One day, someone puts in a coin and you suddenly burst out of your grave.

You're currently ona road trip driving to a place all the way across the country. You've been hearing some weird noises in your trunk ever since you stopped at an inn a day ago, but you've chalked it up to the car being it's old crusty self. All of a sudden, one of your car's tires pops, and you stop on the side of the road to change it. Upon opening the trunk, you discover three little dogs snoring. When you go to pick one of them up, however, you realize it's actually one dog with three heads. You inspect the collar around the middle head, and it says,

Cerberus One heck of a big boi If found, please return to Underworld (666)-666-666

You are a clumsy but sweet person living in a time where robots are commonplace and do most manual tasks for humans. They can't speak, but every time you bump into one you profusely apologize. You also always say thank you and treat them kindly, despite being inanimate. One morning, you wake up and peek out your window to see chaos and destruction- and your house and front yard are in pristine shape.

You have a hobby of collecting rocks the size of a ball. One day you come back home to see one of your rocks broken apart and you see a small dragon inside.

You are subscribed to a human-walking service where a dog turns up at your house to help you go outside more often. Usually, you are visted by a german shepherd or a golden retriever. Today Cerberus stands in front of your door with a note attached to its collar saying that it will protect you from the undead no matter what.

Every person has a large but limited number of kisses they may give in their lifetime. Anything from a chaste kiss on the cheek to a full-on make out session counts towards that total, as long as your lips make direct contact with someone else's skin.

You've just been diagnosed with an aggressive terminal illness, and decide you don't want to die with any of your kisses left unused.

You are a quantum physicist, on the cutting edge of new experiments to understand the universe. Today you wake up in a white expanse emblazoned with the words “Account deactivated for attempting to crash server.”

You just turned 12 and as tradition, your family brings you to a magic thrift shop for you to find your Focus, the item to choose you is what you will channel your magic through during school and training. Most people get jewelry, a book. The item that chooses you is unconventional to say the least.