some hamadacest recs

A lot of these #ficrecs are old. NOT SORTED. Please please please check tags/ratings i grabbed this while on my phone so I couldn't put the warnings i normally do

Letters to a Young Scientist (incomplete)

in the night i see you (incomplete)

Knowing (incomplete)

Little Wonders (incomplete)

Singular incomplete

Maiagaru not incest

We (were)n't supposed to be Immortal not related, incomplete

Sunflowers incomplete

The Love of a Brother Incomplete

Hot Mess (And I'm Falling For You) incomplete

You Are Familiar incomplete

Adopt A Cat not related

The Things You've Said incomplete series

Visiting His Shrine

The Hot Doctor not related

He'll Never Know.

Defensive Driver not related

Blow the Galaxy incomplete, incest is questionable since they're gems lol

Where's Hiro

The Color of Jupiter, Don't You Mind, Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect– series, trans boy!hiro

Tadashi Is Here

Of Robots and Gummy Bears not related

Untitled Document honestly I don't remember if this one is or isn't incest sorry!

Say You'll Haunt Me


Orphans – unrelated au



Fight Me, Helen

2 Thessalonians 2:1–4 cults

Shades of Gray

In Which the Floo Network is the Best Matchmaker unrelated, hp au

Wicked Lovely

Electric Feel trans!hiro

No (Such Thing as) Angels

While The Earth Sleeps

Cross Our Lucky Stars

Promise Me? I Promise.

Hello Neighbor! unrelated

Say Something, I'm (not) Giving Up On You

L'amour est un oiseau rebelle

Stone and Light

Elsewhere, Underground

Long Odds


When the World Stopped Spinning not relates

There's No Place I'd Rather Be

If I Fold a Thousand Cranes

“Baymax, ow” unrelated

It All Began with a Cup of Coffee unrelated

Only Fools unrelated

Settle Down! unrelated


What does she have that I dont?


Ink & Flowers not related au

My Copycat

Hidashi Prompt Fills

Pennies and Gasoline

Titans on Earth

Of my own

Scary Movie Night

Where the Bad Kids Go

Big Superhero Family incomplete series

La Nuit

The Downside of Being a Magical Girl incomplete

My Heart's Desire

NSFW recs

May or may not be incomplete

Pen to Paper

In the Name of Science

When Things Get Heated

Stress Fucking

Oh, Baby Can't You Hear Me Moan? [Rated E One-Shots]

Move Your Body

Ink Exchange

I Have Some Concerns

A Creampie is Not a Pastry

Whatever It Takes

Love Me Like You Do

A Natural Response

Baymax the Bastard

The Adventures of an Omega

Fred's Hidashi Fairy Tale Fanfiction


Listen to Your Teacher Possibly unrelated? Not sure

Urban Exploration